Informed Consumption:

Maximizing Consumer Knowledge

At Seaux & Reap, we believe in Informed Consumption and carefully curated experiences that empower our guests to advocate for Cannabis Justice.

Making Smart Choices with Cannabis Products

An informed consumer is capable of making sensible decisions by gaining an insight about a cannabis product prior to its purchase. This insight equips the consumer with the date to arrive at an evidence based conclusion. Informed Consumption is..

  1. Knowing the types of cannabis
  2. Understanding methods of consumption
  3. Selection appropriate types of strains

By being informed about a cannabis product, a consumer can not only make sensible decisions, but also ensure their own safety. Understanding the potency, effects, and potential risks of a cannabis product can help a consumer avoid unwanted side effects or even dangerous interactions with other medications. Additionally, being knowledgeable about a product's sourcing, cultivation, and manufacturing practices can help ensure that it is of high quality and free from harmful contaminants. Informed consumption of cannabis products not only benefits the individual consumer, but also contributes to the overall safety and responsible use of cannabis within society.

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